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    Home >> Products Show >> Pneumatics for Oil Machine >> TMR6-L6 hand-handle pressure valve


    TMR6-L6 hand-handle regulating-pressure valve


    1.Good regulating pressure feature,small leakage.

    2.Its shell is made up of aluminum alloy die-casting,thread connection,installing convenient.

    3.Can regulate outlet pressure range with hand-hadle:0---1.0MPa stepless control.




    III.Model code





    diameter mm 6
    pressure 1MPa
    overlow character >=300l/min
    flow character <=0.08MPa
    pressure character <=0.04MPa
    leakage <=125Nml/min
    regulating pressure smooth
    pressure-proof (MPa) 1.5
    durability 1,500,000 pcs
    connection thread
    temperature -40---60ºC


    V.Appearance and installing

    Address:Yangting Town,Weihai City, Shandong Province,China