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    Home >> Products Show >> Pneumatics for Oil Machine >>The special cylinder


    The special cylinder for petroleum machine


    The seies cylinder are special used for prtroleum machines,include double acting cylinder with cushion,single acting without cushion,single acting membrane cylinder.   


    GH2-Z40*75 double acting with cushion

    GH2-Z50*65 double acting with cushion

    CM1-J80*15 single acting membrane


    G1-J50*35 single acting without cushion

    55100004 single acting without cushion


    III.Type explaining


    item (1) (2) (3)

    GH2 double acting with cushion

    G1 single acting without cushion

    CM1 single acting membrane

    55100004 single acting without cushion

    Z:movable trunnion type

    J:foot rest

    bore dia. and stroke


    IV. Parameter

    type GH2-Z40*75 GH2-Z50*65 G1-J50*35 GM2-J85*15 55100004
    bore(mm) 40 50 50 85 50
    stroke(mm) 75 65 35 15 20
    min. pressure(MPa) 0.15
    leakage(Nml/min) 315 0 315
    max. pressure(MPa) 1.00 0.42 0.8
    temperature(ºC) 5--60 -40--60
    enduring(Km) 300 300


    V.Appearance and installing


    GH2-Z50*65 Double acting cylinder

    G1-J50*35 Single acting cylinder

    GM1-J85*15 Actuator positioner


    Address:Yangting Town,Weihai City, Shandong Province,China