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    Home >> Products Show >> Pneumatics for Oil Machine >> PQ relief valve


    PQ relief valve


    In pressure transmission system,pressure relief valve is used to limit the maxiumum pressure in return circuit,in case the pneumatic device,equipment and pipeline cannot work normally.When the pressure exceed the maxiumum pressure ,relief valve begin to exhaust automatically until the pressure below the MAX pressure, when the pressure is lower than max, the valve close automatically.




    III.Model code


    diameter mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 40mm
    pressure range MPa 0.05---1.00MPa
    temperature 5---60°C


    V.Appearance and installing

    model PQ-L10 PQ-L15 PQ-L20 PQ-L25 PQ-L40
    A Ø25 Ø27 Ø45 Ø80
    B 75 130 287
    C 82 135 300
    M ZG3/8"




    ZG3/4" ZG1" ZG11/2"

    Address:Yangting Town,Weihai City, Shandong Province,China