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    Home >> Products Show>>Pneumatics for Oil Machine >>24R6 hand-control slide valve


    24R6 series hand-control slide valve


    1.The valve is a kind of slide valve and it is widely used.It can form different function valve.

    2.The direction can be changed and the valve core canbe mored through minor force.

    3.Has valve cover, when the valve body begin to transmute because of outside force,it has no influence on valve cover, which can make sure the valve core act agilely.


    III.Model code


    model 24R6
    diameter mm 8mm
    effective area S value mm²
    max pressure MPa
    temperature ºC
    -40-- +60
    durability 200 ten thousand
    leakage Nml/min 5Nml/min

    V.Appearance and installing

    Address:Yangting Town,Weihai City, Shandong Province,China